Graduate Program

Many careers in Earth and environmental engineering prefer, if not expect, an advanced degree of some sort. However, career opportunities span a wide range of vocations, including technology development, engineering consulting and design, basic and applied research, management, and advocacy. Consequently, the graduate skill set required of an Earth and environmental engineer can vary considerably. To support these various career options, EEE offers a broad set of graduate degrees, each with a different emphasis.

The master of science degree is designed for students who wish to be actively and directly involved with current environmental problems, and contribute innovative ideas towards their resolution. Students are encouraged to specify one of three concentration areas, in order to sharpen their focus within Earth and environmental engineering.

The professional degree provides advanced training beyond the master of science degree, with a specialized focus within one of our concentration areas. It is intended for students who want to become technological leaders in their field and drive the innovations that will shape the future, but who wish to accomplish this through entrepreneurship rather than research.

The doctoral degree is intended for students who seek to reach the highest level of knowledge in a specific topic within Earth and environmental engineering, and to advance this knowledge through basic and/or applied research. The expertise and experience that is gained will be highly valued across multiple professions and will enable students to play a leading role in solving the major environmental problems faced by society.

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