Spring 2016 EEE Colloquia Schedule

Fridays, 10:10–11:25am*
Mudd 833*

Date Speaker Title
Feb 19 (Fri)  Dr. Krista Wigginton, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor The chemical and functional fate of biomolecule pollutants during disinfection
Mar 4 (Fri)  Dr. Mary Laura Lind, Arizona State University Advanced Membrane Materials for Water and Gas Separations
Mar 11 (Fri) Dr. Charles Bott, Hampton Roads Sanitation District Sustainable Water Recycling: Feasibility of Aquifer Recharge
through a Large-Scale Indirect Potable Reuse Project in Southeastern Virginia
Mar 24 (Thur) Dr. Kamalesh Sirkar, New Jersey Institute of Technology Membrane Distillation for Desalination: Experimental and Modeling Studies
Apr 1 (Fri) Dr. Eugene Z. Stakhiv, Maass-White Visiting Scholar at Institute for Water Resources and Johns Hopkins University Modern water resources planning and management procedures: the union of sustainable development and IWRM
Apr 8 (Fri) Dr. James Smith, Princeton University Strange Floods: The Upper Tail of Flood Peaks in the US
Apr 15 (Fri) Dr. Harold Walker, Stony Brook University Removal of cyanobacterial cells and toxins from drinking water
Apr 22 (Fri) Dr. Viney Aneja, North Carolina State University Is Nitrogen the Next Carbon? The Role of Agriculture on Air Quality and Climate
Apr 29 (Fri) Dr. Marc Parlange, University of British Columbia TBA
May 5 (Thur) Dr. Tom Gleeson, McGill University TBA

* Note that the seminars scheduled on March 24th and May 5th are on Thursday, from 1:15pm to 2:25pm in Mudd 924 Project Room.

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