A World of Problems, A Department of Solutions

Problems addressed by the EEE curriculum cover an impressive range of scientific disciplines and socio-economic concerns. Specific problems include:

  • Developing unconventional alternative energy sources
  • Managing atmospheric carbon emitted by fossil fuels, to alleviate climate change
  • Optimizing water distribution systems considering available sources, societal needs, and climate variations
  • Water quality assessment in natural systems for human health and ecological protection
  • Integrated waste management, including waste reduction, materials recovery by recycling, and energy recovery by means of waste-to-energy technologies
  • Reconfiguring industrial activities to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources
  • Mining related to hazardous waste remediation and harbor dredging

Innovative solutions to our world of environmental problems are being researched and developed by our faculty. These include:

  • Using seasonal climate forecasts to manage risk for water systems and natural hazards
  • Sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide using readily available mineral rock
  • Designing zero-emission, coal-fed power plants
  • Designing waste-to-energy facilities as an alternative to landfill disposal
  • Developing environmentally benign chemical surfactants for use in industrial processes
  • Designing affordable H2O desalination systems without CO2 emissions
  • Developing and guiding comparable life cycle analyses of renewable energy production and storage systems
  • System integration for resolving solar energy intermittency


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