Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable Planet

The sustainability of human society on Earth is likely to be one of the dominant challenges of the 21st century. Continued population growth, coupled with urbanization and industrialization throughout the globe, has resulted in rapid consumption of our natural resources, extensive waste production, environmental degradation, threats to human health, and climate change. Much has been said about these problems, but thus far not enough has been done. Needed are better engineering solutions for a sustainable planet.

The Columbia University Department of Earth and Environmental Engineering (EEE) strives to develop effective solutions to these complex and multidisciplinary problems, reconciling a deep concern for the environment with the needs of our global industrialized society. Our central theme is the conscientious stewardship of our finite natural resources, namely minerals, fuels, energy, water, and land. EEE maintains the Henry Krumb School of Mines’ longstanding tradition of responsibly providing essential materials to society, while pioneering important new environmental initiatives. Both the reseach and educational components of EEE are organized into three broad themes:

  • Water resources and climate risks
  • Sustainable energy and materials
  • Environmental health engineering

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