Undergraduate Program

What do Earth and environmental engineers do?

It’s now recognized throughout the world that continuing economic development must be accompanied by the intelligent use of the Earth’s resources. Moreover, the rapid pace of globalization has introduced a host of new environmental problems to be addressed in the 21st century, ranging from the search for reliable energy and water, to the impacts of global warming, to the worldwide transmission of disease through the environment. Earth and environmental engineers can contribute much to these global efforts towards sustainable development by developing new technologies to tackle these large and complex problems.Furthermore, existing technologies that have been developed for resource (minerals, energy, water) utilization and environmental remediation can be applied to emerging challenges like resource recovery from used materials (i.e., recycling) and disease prevention.

The EEE undergraduate program encompasses these technologies and trains engineers who can provide leadership and innovation in the conscientious use of Earth’s resources. Potential employers include private companies and government agencies that deal directly with environmental problems, and also a diverse spectrum of industries that increasingly require environmental expertise, including energy supply, management consulting and financial services. Graduates are also well trained to continue with master's and doctoral studies not only in Earth and environmental engineering and sciences, but also business, public policy, international studies, law, and medicine.

Faculty Advisors: Professor Xi Chen, Professor Upmanu Lall

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