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Notable Alumni

The Earth and Environmental Engineering Department is often asked about the career paths of our alumni. Here is a small sampling of our past alumni:

Some of the EAEE Alumni by Year of Graduation (From 2010 to Present)

Full name Current Affiliation Year of Graduation
Subhabrata Das Avantor Performance Materials Technology Center, US 2019
Jane S. Wu Arcadis, Inc., US 2018
Lin Ao Bright Power, Inc. US 2017
Vasilis Axiotis Axiotis Co., Greece 2017
Fernanda P. Cabanas Consultant, Canada 2017
Selva Calixto Consultant, Chile 2017
Michael Weifen Chen China Everbright International 2017
Zucheng Guo China Everbright International 2017
Yiran Song Columbia University 2017
Yi Xu Covanta Energy, US 2017
Dianyi Yan Chinese Inst. Water Resources 2017
Yating Yu Consultant, US 2017
Diane Ye NY State Dept of Public Services 2016
John Abrashkin Honeybee Robotics, US 2015
Sara Barone Lamont Doherty Earth Observ., US 2015
Shnanoza Boboeva Consultant, Tajikistan 2015
Liubov Melnikova Covanta Energy, US 2015
Andreas (Estrada) Wiechers Energyza, Mexico.  2015
Nour Awad ZS Associates, US 2014
Jose I. Denogean CFE Calificados, Mexico 2014
Yani Dong BASF, Hong Kong 2014
Henry Dwyer Daitaku, USA 2014
Shumeng Liu China Guodian Corporation, China 2014
Oliver Morin Budget Directorate of France 2014
Dolly Shin Accenture, US 2014
Yuda Sun Green Consulting, US 2014
Jay Thrasher NU Ecological, US 2014
Jiao Zhang Basel Convention Center for Asia and Pacific, China 2014
Natali P. Ganfer Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, US 2013
Jennifer Namias HDR Engineering, US 2013
Yoonjung Seo Consultant, US 2013
Demetra Tsiamis EEC-CCNY, US 2013
Ranjith Anepou be-Waste Wise, US 2012
Clauidine Ellyin Green-Claudine, US 2012
Ling (David) Qiu Ernst & Young (EY), Shanghai 2012
Maria Elena Diaz Barriga Consultant, Colombia 2011
Gaviota Velasco UN Industrial Dev't Organisation. Mexico  2011
Ljupka Arsova GBB Engineering, US 2010
Yohann Benhamou Odeon Hotel, France 2010
Jawad Bhatti Cenitec Systems Inc., USA 2010
Georgina Columbus Technodomiki, Wind& Solar. Greece 2010
Caroline Ducharme Electricite de France, France 2010
Lital Yinon Postdoc, New York University, US 2010


Some of the EAEE Alumni by Year of Graduation (From 2000 to 2009)

Full name Current Affiliation Year of Graduation
Garett Fitzerald Rocky Mountain Institute, US 2009
Rob van Harren First Solar, US 2009
Shang-Hsiu-Lee Covanta Energy, US 2009
Scott Kaufman Peer Aspect Co., US 2008
Masato Nakamura City Tech-CUNY, US 2008
Adam Pencque IMCO, US 2007
Perinaz Bhada-Tata World Bank 2007
Priscilla Ulloa Ministry of Envt, Chile 2007
Kimberly Lewellyn Mitsubishi Electric, US 2006
Paula (Estevez) Weinstein Ministry of Energy, Chile 2006
Dionel O. Albina Univ. Southern Philippines 2005
Michael P. Hyland Hyland Associates, US 2005
Pearl Moy Chevron Oil, US 2005
Alexander P. Whitworth General Electric, China 2005
Monica De Angelo Department of Navy, US 2004
Panagiotis G. Deriziotis Energy Trading ENSCO, Switzerland 2004
Karen Ostrem McFarland Clinic, US 2004
Thomas H. Wakeman III Stevens Institute of Technology 2004
Mandi Caudill Smithsonian, US 2003
Alexander F. Gregory US Army Corps of Engineers 2002
Ko Matsunaga Mitsubishi Hevy Industries, Japan 2002
Clare (E ) Todd Pacific Lutheran Univ., US 2002
A.J. Dubanowitz Redgate Co., US 2000
Sasha Mackler Enviva LP, US 2000
Brian A. Tracey Brightsfiled Dev't, US 2000