E.g., 02/28/2020
E.g., 02/28/2020
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Feb 7 2020
The Weather Channel
Our faculty and students contributed breakthroughs and major advancements that will shape 2020 and beyond. Here’s just a snapshot of their many… More
Dec 20 2019
The accomplished sustainability researcher and advocate will spend a year each at the University of Edinburgh and Imperial College London.
Dec 9 2019
In the Media
Sep 3 2019
Prensa Latina
Press Release
New study shows an increasingly high probability of more frequent, more extreme concurrent soil drought and atmospheric aridity, intensified by… More
Sep 2 2019
A packed house of first-years who gathered on August 26 to mark the official start of the academic year.
Aug 27 2019
These investigators, lecturers, and scholars reflect the School's commitment to foundational, interdisciplinary, and translational research.
Jul 29 2019
Seven decades of Columbia engineers returned to alma mater for Alumni Weekend 2019, three busy days of fellowship, memories, and deep dives… More
Jun 13 2019