Pierre Gentine

Office: 842D S.W. Mudd
Phone: (212) 854-7287
Email: pg2328@columbia.edu

Pierre Gentine is a professor in the department of Earth and Environmental Engineering. He obtained his MSc and PhD from MIT. Pierre Gentine is working on land-atmosphere interactions, convection-clouds, and surface hydrology using conceptual models, numerical models and wide range of data analysis tools. His overall research objective is to understand how soil and atmospheric moisture organizes across different spatial and temporal scales and in particular how the interactions with the atmosphere, vegetation and landscape constrain this organization. Dr. Gentine has research interests in Land-atmosphere interactions, Hydrometeorology, Convection, Ecohydrology, Remote sensing, data assimilation of remote sensing measurements to estimate soil moisture and surface heat fluxes, Land-surface models, and Stochastic processes.

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